First Stage Enterprises Ltd. (FSEL) is a leading association and event management company providing services in Ontario, across Canada, and internationally.

We deliver service-driven results, quality customer response and unrivaled success in association and event management. Built on an excellent record of success, FSEL services enable continuous business improvement and increased satisfaction among volunteers.

Why an AMC?
What an AMC can do for you

Why an AMC?

An 'AMC' is an Association Management Company. AMCs provide professional administrative staffing for professional associations, charities, and other non-profit organizations at an affordable cost. FSEL can provide an office and resources that will allow your organization to deliver all or part of its services efficiently and effectively.

Executing with Clarity, Experience & Passion

Results Driven

FSEL staff have a wide range of skill-sets available to support your organization. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering high-quality service to our clients.

Combined Expertise

Our team consists of experienced association management professionals, designated accountants, event planners and social media experts.


Using an association management company allows you to leverage the diverse expertise of a wider team to drive business value, reduce cost and reduce business risk.

Our Services
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Our Services

First Stage Enterprises offers a fully customizable range of professional services. Whether you want us to provide a full-service solution or just help in select ways, we are here to help.
At First Stage Enterprises we take care of the day to day operations, so your boards and volunteers can focus on developing and delivering your strategy.

Our Clients


We pride ourselves on our friendly & reliable customer service. Our clients have been with us for many years; their thoughts on the services they receive from us will tell you more about us.