Why an AMC?

An ‘AMC’ is an Association Management Company. AMCs provide well-trained administrative staffing for professional associations, charities, and other non-profit organizations at an affordable cost. First Stage Enterprises Limited (FSEL) can provide the physical and human and resources that will allow your organization to deliver all or part of its services effectively and efficiently.


An Association Management Company can be the single best resource for small to mid-sized non-profits and charities. We provide any and all of the services you would expect from your own employees, but you save on overhead by sharing staff and equipment resources with our other clients. More importantly, you gain access to the expertise of professionals outside of your organization who can provide you and your board with strategic, educated and unbiased advice on everything from basic best practices to managing unforeseen complex issues.

Our expert staff team offers a diverse skill set available within one company. Your association joins a team that already has an infrastructure in place. This provides immediate access to resources without capital investment needed from your budget. There is no need to hire employees, rent office space, or acquire technology. Day to day office expenses are charged on a usage basis (direct costs only) without the burden of paying for the equipment. Your event costs can also benefit from our extensive network of suppliers that understand our buying power.

Organizations that already have an infrastructure and employees can also benefit from some of the selected services offered by FSEL. For example, one of our client groups hires our firm to organize their AGM and conference. Their full-time staff have constant workloads that do not allow the extra time and effort needed to put on a large-scale annual event. They rely on our expertise to produce the highest quality conferences that place them ahead of their competition.

Essentially, an AMC provides you with the experienced team your association needs and deserves, but can’t necessarily afford. We are here to make sure that the general administration of your regular activities run smoothly, providing excellent service to your supporters and helping your organization thrive in the diverse and challenging non-profit environment.