What we do

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide first-class service that enables the organizations we support to strengthen and grow. We strive to exceed client expectations through innovative approaches to systems and services, while maintaining traditional approaches to people that are based on respect and integrity.

Our Services

At First Stage Enterprises Ltd. (FSEL) we understand the tremendous pressures that volunteer Boards of not-for-profit associations and charities face. Doing the most for your members, while respecting the limited resources available, is a constant balancing act. Our management team will meet with you to analyze your goals and needs, along with the volunteer resources available, and then develop a plan custom made for your success.

The following is an outline of the types of management and administrative support services that FSEL provides for its clients.


Without your members, your organization is nothing. As the point of contact for your members, volunteers and associates, FSEL often creates the first impression for your members. Our Association Management Systems database provides full membership management & renewal services tailored to your association. Responding to electronic communications, phone calls and regular mail; managing events, data, and agendas; ensuring attention to legal, business, and interpersonal details: FSEL takes care of your members and your board.


FSEL provides full financial solutions that help your not-for-profit organization meet its goals and ensure financial stability. We know that proper management of the the day-to-day details are critically important to your long-term goals. From professional bookkeeping, budget preparation, and cash flow evaluation, through regular financial statements, periodic investment reviews, and annual audit preparation, our staff will help you understand your financial position and use it to your organization’s best advantage.


Board members have responsibility and accountability to themselves and the organization. Our job is to provide the administrative backbone to allow your volunteer board to support your clearly defined mission statement, that your policies and procedures are fair and transparent, and that relevant, measurable goals are in place to ensure ongoing success. We also ensure that your association registration(s) is up to date, D&O insurance and proper legal records are maintained.

Professional Development and Special Events

Associations exist to bring people together and provide access to skills, knowledge, and support. Whether your members are looking for formal professional development programs such as conferences or certification courses, or more informal networking or support, your events provide a significant proportion of the value your members receive. FSEL can provide all or part of the operational support to your volunteers, allowing them to focus on the core content which is their area of expertise.

Marketing and Communications

For most volunteer-governed organizations, marketing and communications provides the vital link, connecting members with each other, and with their industry or community of interest. Engaging with members and prospective members through interesting, thoughtfully executed marketing and communications, using multiple channels that keep up with society’s changing habits and preferences, is a vital part of attaining strategic objectives like membership retention and increased event attendance.